babywearing t-shirt slip cover ‘trick’ for buckled carriers/ Bei-Dai’s etc

I found out about this ‘trick’ or tip by accident. However i can imagine lots of occasions when it would/could be useful.

How to do it:

  1. Find a t-shirt ideally something a 5-7 year old would fit.
  2. Lay t-shirt out with pattern/front ‘up’ (head aperture up, and front facing you).
  3. Take carrier (works for buckles or mai-tais), and hold it so that the outer of carrier is facing you, and hood end is also up.
  4. Take carrier and place it inside the main body of the t-shirt.
  5. Pull  shoulder straps through matching t-shirt arm holes. (with buckles pull the whole shoulder strap through (no need to unbuckle).
  6. Pull t-shirt down.
  7. Check look
  8. You can pull the hood through -or you can leave it until hood is ready for use, rather than have it hide the carrier cover front.
  9. Voila – try it out!
  10. Reply and let us know how you got on – either in here or in Facebook  (, twitter @Newburyslings, or Instagram #Newburyslings.

Want pictures to go with this – reply to this post…or email us and maybe you’ll be lucky 🙂


Edit March 2017:

Mai-Tai changed to Bei-Dai (or Meh-Dai), as part of the UK Babywearing Consultants switch to #notyourpodbutai awareness. (along with Onbuhimos and Podaegi .

Also we whilst this is a great halloween or special occasion ‘trick’ care should be taken as it may invalidate the warranty and cause as safety concern, such as recent issues with some slipcovers for some carriers. We want to promote safe and enjoyable babywearing, hence the reason for this additional message. if you do this ‘tick or hack’ please baby carry responsibility and have fun 🙂


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