Babywearing and Hip Harnesses – a source file

Posted by Pixie (our babywearing consultant):

I recently have had a few parents who after enquiring about babywearing have been told their child may or does need a hip harness or other device.

In many cases this does not prevent babywearing.

The google document (link)
is a collation of all information in one place that relates to hip and leg harnesses and babywearing.

It shows all the current links that I have found, in one single place, with some additional help so people can easily find which information is most relevant to them.

I wanted to help the parents in our area, because We’d had a few feel that hip harnesses mean no babywearing. I had a look each time, trying to find links, and its been annoying that i feel ive never been able to find the right link.

Im aware that to be in that situation can be stressful enough, without having to do massives of searches to find information. So I had some time, and did a bigger search, and still struggled to find the information. Yes, there is lots on hip dysplasia (i have a form of it), but related to babywearing a child with it…. not a lot.

Any feedback or if you find anything in a search that we havent listed – please let us know by commenting on this page or in the google doc.
Many thanks.

The Google document link is because I try to keep it as up-to-date as possible, and due to being a volunteer and unpaid for my time. I cannot commit all the time needed to update the same information in all places. This way – access is given to the most up to date hip harness and babywearing related information, videos and other related source information known. Support in keeping it updated is appreciated.


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