A Big Local Thank You to…

We wanted to find local businesses that were willing to support our community group.

Since April, we have been lucky enough to have the following local businesses support us:



The Wellbeing Centre, Newbury

Located on Pound Street, The Wellbeing Centre have been marvelously supportive, and were our first proper venue. They offer a range of alternative therapies and other things… if you dont know what they do, say thank you to their support buy visiting their website or ‘like’ them on facebook. Monthly Support since May 2015-May 2016.



Little River Mai Tai - Lindsey BrooksLittle River Mai Tai

Due to a change in personal cirumstances, this local WAHM (Work At Home Mother) stopped making beautiful Mai Tai baby carriers. She kindly offered us the chance to have her Demo Doll ‘Annie’ for free to use at events. We jumped at the chance. And now Annie and Lucy can be found at various events, making it clear that babywearing doesnt have to complicated. Aug 2015.


wilkinsons helping handsWilkinsons Newbury, ‘Helping Hands’ Scheme 

£20 gift voucher awarded.  Sept 2015
Used to support the paperwork side of things


bags etcBags Etc, Newbury Kennet Centre

A large roller wheeled suitcase. It was an item of stock that could not be sold, but we were able to repair it in a way, that it has helped us massively each and every week we run a sling library or have an out of normal hours access.  Sept 2015 – available to view at any sling library event ❤ ❤ ❤ Wish we had more!
The Newbury Store is a smaller one, in the kennet centre, and it would help us to show our appreciation – if the next time you visited you let them you know they helped us. 🙂

Eddie-CatzEddie Catz, Newbury – Soft Play Centre

Open 9:30-6 pm most days. Eddie Catz is located near Halfords/Staples. An indoor soft play area and cafe offers lots of options for parents and children. Eddie Catz have been supportive in offering a great venue, and helping us to spread the word. Part of our aim is to ensure all parents in Newbury know we exist. Knowing we exist puts the power of choice in the parents/caregivers hands. No knowledge = no choice.
From October 2015-Feb 2016 we met monthly at the centre. Next time you go there or check it out, mention we ‘sent’ you. It helps these businesses know that supporting us is great for 2 reasons: (1) is supports a vital group for many parents, and (2) it is great business!



waitrose community matter banner

Waitrose Newbury Store – Community Matters

Featured as a community matter in September 2015, we were awarded £290 which was used to buy 3 new carriers and 2 special demo dolls.
Read the full details here….https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Cv1RRi_Uuj4tF3-696BQR9Jyic3o2iGA4Kx44vJRXlE/edit?usp=sharing

This was an amazing large amount of money to us, and has made a huge difference 🙂 Next time you are in there, don’t forget to say thanks by asking for your green token and paying it forward by picking another important group to support.




Willing to support us too?

We are always looking for more sponsership. Maybe seeing the amounts of sponsership that will
A carrier costs bewteen £50-120,
Demo Dolls £60-£150 (inc postage).
Acrilyic plastic (and baby safe mirrors) cost £20-£60 pounds.
Storage Costs  from £15-£40 as we need heavy duty bags  and really useful boxes.
Our Trolley cost £50.

We accept private or business donations. There have been some companies that have supported us in small ways, but each small way adds up. We want to continue to purchase more carriers to have a greater range to cover the full range of body types and enable more families, etc. If you are interested in becoming a local sponser for us… get in touch with us at newburyslings@gmail.com whether its free space for us to spread the word out, support in accessing free or low cost printing, posters for displays in stores, raffle items, anything you can think off….