Spread the word we exist…. (advertising)

Spreading the word can be difficult.  Its hard to share what we do and why being should look at a sling library, as some don’t realise that sling libraries are run by volunteers and aim to provide as low cost as possible support and advice. Once most people have visited a sling library or had babywearing explained to them – its magical!

Yes there are some for whom a babywearing is just a useful tool, that is to be used when needed, for others its and everyday essential way of life. It doesn’t matter which of these you are. We want you to be aware that there is choice! And that we an help you find what is right for you!

Our adverts

are here to be downloads and shared by companies who want to save us these costs – which if  only one is printed – is a small cost – but add up if we have to print every one.

0) ADVERT 0 – the Original


1) ADVERT 1 – Banner


2) ADVERT 2 – choices


3)ADVERT 3 – to buggy or not to buggy   #buggyornot


Thanks to all those who save us the printing and paper costs!


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