Thanks to our Supporters :)

Newbury Slings

is a community group that is not-for-profit. We are dependent on funds from sling hire and meets/library attendance in order to help maintain our provision and expand and improve our support.

We are asking  for:
  • our local families to attend and pay the £3 attendance fee, to hire slings, join in on our raffle fund raisers, etc.
  • our local enthusiastic sling wearers to consider supporting us with set up and pack away, paperwork management during sling sessions.
  • other local sling trained and those who want to be, to join with us to improve our service and ability to reach more families
  • our local business to support us through helping us with behind the scenes support eg safety mirrors, demo dolls, storage boxes, funding, sling sponsorship, raffle items, etc.
Working with others

We also work with the other local sling meets nearby to help provide cover over UK nationally. as well as working closely with other local groups and babywearing libraries within berkshire and the surrounding area.

Downloadable adverts/flyers/etc

for those who can support us with advertising our services locally – here is a link to a downloadable advert:

Our current supporters  list:

This is a list of those local companies and babywearing manufactuers who have currently supported us with lovely donations.

Our thanks go to: 

  • Newbury Wellbeing Centre – support with facilities access and demo doll May 2015 onwards.
  • Newbury WHSmith – raffle prize level – our money box 🙂  May 2015.
  • Kari-Me baby stretchy wrap. May 2015.
  • Hoppidiz – Hop-Tye. May 2015.
  • Hana Baby bamboo wrap. May 2015.
  • Little River Mai tai – Annie the Mannequin.   June 2015.
  • JM donated a Hippychick Hip Seat. June 2015.
  • Baby Bjorn – ‘one’ carrier.and the ‘we’ carrier. August 2015.
  • Bags etc, Newbury – Suitcase to help transport Slings, etc
  • Waitrose, Newbury – Community Funding Sept 2015. Paid for 2 Onbus,2 Demo Dolls, and 2 stretchy wraps.
  • Another yet to be named Uk based company – Stretchy wrap – Jan 2017
  • Lifft Slings – Stretchy Wrap
  • My Turn for an amazing system at great value for sling libraries, saving our volunteers a HUGE amount of admin time.

This list includes all those that have gone above and beyond in supporting us 🙂 But does not those who have been generous enough to offer us discounted products and services. But they have all helped too, and they receive our thanks too.

We are also supported by our babywearing consultants who volunteer their time for free for the library, but who run workshops and consultations to support people in a 1:1 situation at great value.

We also have a wide range of carriers/ slings available to try hire see: for full list



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