Where we meet (and where)

We have several meets a month. All are listed in our events of our facebook group = www.facebook.com/groups/newburyslings/events
Some events are on our facebook page www.facebook.com/newburyslings

This article explains when and where we meet on a regular basis. We do have impromptu (on request) sessions and also go to pregnancy and baby shows/events.

We meet  weekly. our normal sling library days are THURSDAYS. We are available outside this day – by requests only, or if our volunteer staff are unable to commit to Thursdays.

1st Thursday of the Month – Sling walk/Social

This session is typically a social meet at a cafe, or if the weather is nice  enough a social walk. We always make it clear whether our walks are buggy friendly or not, so that those who need to use their buggy for whatever reason have that option, and it makes it inclusive for disabled users.

This walk is open to anyone who wants to come.

Cost – this is free to memberships.Donations accepted from non-memberships

4th Thursday of the Month – Pixies House

10-12  noon. Contact us for address 🙂 It is walking distance from the town centre (near fire station and Shaw Church).

ALL MEETS ARE listed in our google calendar and our facebook group – ‘events’ section.

VENUE INFO – Pixies House


As its close to the town centre. Parking is on-street. It is not permitted but subject to availability. If you have mobility issues and require  specific parking next to pixies house – please contact us beforehand and we make arrangements to offer this.


We have to ask for a small fee for attendance in order to cover our costs. From April 2015 it is £3/session for non memberships, for memberships it is free (although certain venues have an entry fee, which is unavoidable – but for any of these cases we make it very clear in our facebook events information> www.facebook.com/groups/newburyslings/events).

It can be paid using cash or Paypal/card payment. If the card/paypal option is used the Sling Library loses out due to the fees. So cash is better for the group, or use Paypal gifted (friends/family options, or please add 30p to the transaction).

This requested fee is used to cover  venue charge, help pay for insurance, and the rest is put into more slings for the group. As it is a non-profit…all funds raised/donation go directly back into maintaining and improving the Sling Library. Included in this is our babywearing consultant support and  time within the library to access the slings  (see further details for restrictions/exemptions)

If you buy our membership at the very reasonable £20/5 year. You are eligible for free entry (whenever possible) and other marvellous goodies such as stockists and discount codes for purchases from ourselves or other places 🙂

We are a non-profit community group and all sling library funds raised go back into keeping the sling library open, rather than our founder and co-volunteers paying out of pocket for venues etc. on top of running costs. Your support keeps us open for business. Any questions ask away 🙂 We have sponsorship options for those who wish to support us through covering the cost of purchasing a sling or two and thus help us reach more families …. So keep supporting us, help us find sponsers etc for better value entry.

We would hope that anyone is desperate need of support would contact us in advance rather than not come, but we are dependent on contributions and donations to keep running.

We are always looking for volunteers to support us at sessions, and these volunteers also get benefits for their time 🙂

updated Feb 2017


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